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NONE of the reviews spoiled my own reading. In The Underground Railroad , I think Whitehead created compelling snapshots of life on a Georgia plantation, had some inventive and imaginative renderings of different black experiences across slave and free states, and had some great prose and passages bringing to life these overwhelmingly horrible actions and outcomes for his protagonist. college paper writing service reviews website I know that an author can name a book anything they want, but this name seemed to point toward a very specific plot point that ended up being minor throughout — and that felt weird to me.

I always have an audiobook going on and this is the first time in a long time that I can remember fighting to maintain interest and pay attention to the story in fact, I think the last time that happened was with All the Light We Cannot See — another Pulitzer Prize winner. Sadly, not all of the blacks are treated as well as Cora was. professional business letter writing services example None of them had heard it before. I didn't think the characters were developed at all so I found myself completely unattached from them. I cannot tell why it won awards.

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Colson Whitehead has crafted such a unique and important book, and his talent seeps through and onto the pages. I've seen the movie "12 Years a Slave", and "Birth of a Nation". Additionally, background knowledge of how lynching and other forms of racial terror were used as enforcement and of slave narratives and the rich literary history of African Americans deepens the reading experiences. Martin and Ethel Wells make Cora's time with them feel like a prison, until Ridgeway finds her again. The idea of the underground railroad, as an actual railroad, is so smart and interesting.

When it won the National Book Award I picked it up, and slowly read it throughout the winter in bits and pieces. View all 30 comments. This is a difficult book to read with the horrific treatment and gruesome punishments of African American slaves so much a part of the narrative, but it is essential that we read this and other books like it. The bible is used to justify and bolster this rotten, amoral and cruel system. Wh For nearly twenty years the work of Colson Whitehead has been published to wide acclaim, his fiction and nonfiction both receiving many accolades.

Note to Teachers The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead introduces Cora, a young African American woman who journeys to freedom from the antebellum South on a fantastically imagined physical—rather than metaphorical—railroad. Verschillende meningen van 'vrije' slaven over hoe zij zouden kunnen integreren in het sociale, politieke en economische leven van de blanken. Another new author for me, but I will be looking into his other books. In some ways, a first person account from Cora would have proved a more viscerally engaging experience for the reader.

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What does each man believe and how do those beliefs impact the future of Valentine farm? I just didn't think it was written very well. Every name an asset, breathing capitol, profit made flesh. buy a research paper online unity band Will never understand man's cruelty towards others, no matter how much I read.

Cora is again forced to flee, this time leaving many pieces of her heart behind. I'll also admit that because I read this novel a bit late in the game, after all the acclaim and Oprah and winning the National Book Award, I was really expecting great things from The Underground Railroad. custom term paper writing services hyderabad The main character is a young woman slave who hates her missing mother for having escaped when she was a child. There were parts of that book that I really enjoyed too, it's just that there was always something missing that was just out of reach.

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My heart breaks for Ajarry, Mabel, Cora, and every single family that has been impacted by the horrible violence and violations from slavery. As a female slave she has it worse than a man because she is constantly vulnerable to sexual abuse from whites and blacks as she makes her way from Georgia to both Carolinas, Tennessee and eventually Indiana. Everything about slavery was so terrifying--that by the end this novel, I was left with the incredible achievement "The Underground Railroad" is. Cora eventually becomes an outcast but when a new slave arrives on the plantation, Caesar, he approaches her and asks her to run away from him. The Underground Railroad rekindles the discussion and study of slavery.

View all 23 comments. For that, the author is to be applauded in its timely reminder of a history that is often swept under the carpet or questioned. You felt for the characters and their plight.

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